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Naming variables from one column Import file

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I am importing a selected amount of cells from an excel file (selected manually - let's say cells A1:A5) and MATLAB automatically names the variable with the column name (A). Then, when I import cells A6:A10, MATLAB automatically name the variable A again, which overwrites the first variable. It is time consuming to rename the variables manually one by one as I have hundreds of them.
Is there a way to attribute imported cells to a variable name (I have a list of the variables in order) ?
Thank you!

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 12 May 2021
No. When you are importing variables manually using the import tool, then you are stuck with what the import tool provides.
If you already have a list of which cells to import, do the reading in code... and not assigning to individual variables.
For example the above hints that you might be grouping every 5. If so, then read the entire column at one time, and reshape() it to the number of rows each.

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Rik on 12 May 2021
Don't store data in a variable name.
You should use cell arrays or fields of a struct instead.

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