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writing/exporting a plot into a file

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Ian Bunker
Ian Bunker on 12 May 2021
Edited: Ian Bunker on 12 May 2021
I currently have a program that uses the plot function to generate a graph. I would like to write the graph into a document. I am very new to matlab and coding in general, and so far have been unable to locate the relevant documentation.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 12 May 2021
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Ian Bunker
Ian Bunker on 12 May 2021
These links have been really helpful, I also have been looking at the ones mentioned here about putting multiple pdfs into one document.
You may be able to clarify something,
When I plot something say plot(x, y) I get a figure (graph that I can view), but as far as I understand plot(x, y) is not an obj. Since an obj is any type of axes, figure, etc. Therefore something like
exportgraphics(plot(x, y), 'filenamehere.pdf');
is invalid (to my understanding).
If I had two columnar vectors (arrays) x and y and I wanted to use export graphics I would need to somehow turn them into an obj (a broad term). What type of function or command would I utilize to accomplish this?

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