how to load rest of data

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andrew on 17 Jul 2013
I have the following code below:
filenames=cellstr(ls([Dir,'\*.mat*'])); %create a cell of all files in the directory named Dir containing the string '.mat' for j=1:length(filenames) % for loop to loop through each of the length(filenames) number of .mat files in Dir load(fullfile(Dir,filenames{j}),'percentiles'); %load the jth .mat file to the variable named percentiles. %The variable named 'percentiles' has 11 rows and two columns as described in the email filenames{j} percentiles; %print the contents of the variable named 'percentiles' end
There are a bunch of files but I cannot load all of the contents of 'percentiles' (only loads the last file of 'percentiles').
any suggestions?
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Jan on 17 Jul 2013
Do you see that your code is not readable? Is this strange and do you want to ask the forum, how to improve the readability?

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Iain on 17 Jul 2013
stored_percentiles{j} = percentiles;


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