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GUI increment/decrement buttons linked to an Edit Text box

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How can I create increment/decrement buttons in a GUI? I used GUIDE to create a slider linked to the value in an Edit Text box, but I have decided that I just want the increase/decrease arrow buttons and not the slider itself. I don't see an option to create such buttons anywhere.
I know that I can just create two separate push buttons, and it is probably possible to put a picture of an up/down arrow on them, but surely there is a function already made that can do this?

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Chad Gilbert
Chad Gilbert on 13 Jun 2013
Edited: Chad Gilbert on 18 Jul 2013
I've been thinking about doing something like this for a project I'm starting. Your question prompted me to just go make a first-pass attempt now.
Keep in mind it's a version 0.1 and may need a bit of fiddling still. But I was able to make the following example work:
lbl = uicontrol('Style', 'Edit', 'Enable', 'off','Units','Points','Position',[20 0 40 20],'String','0','Value',0);
grp = incrementdecrement(lbl, 0, 'Units', 'points', 'Position', [0 0 20 20]);
This just does what you suggested. We're creating two pushbuttons and just associating them with a common button group. This function should just make the process easier to repeat.
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Peter on 13 Jun 2013
Thanks. That makes sense, I'm just surprised that no one has done this already.

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