Matlab crashes when calling dll

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vinothkannan K
vinothkannan K on 31 May 2013
We have created a dll for an application if we try to call that dll(run loader.m file)suddenly matlab crashes..Need suggestion in this regard
vinothkannan K
vinothkannan K on 5 Jun 2013
Hi Kaustubha Govind, We generated header file from dll, even though matlab crashes, when running dll.
This is the command we used for generation of header file

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Answers (1)

Craig Cowled
Craig Cowled on 31 May 2013
Try using 'loadlibrary'.
vinothkannan K
vinothkannan K on 6 Jun 2013
Hi Friedrich
1)Can you please explain about compiling dll in debug mode?
2) What are all the configuration parameter settings for debug mode dll compilation?
3) How to attach debugger to it at runtime?
Thanks in advance

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