Initializing MATLAB Graphics failed in Linux.

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I just installed R2020b on Linux and when I start Matlab I get this error;
Warning: Initializing MATLAB Graphics failed.
This indicates a potentially serious problem in your MATLAB setup, which should be resolved as soon as possible. Error detected was:
Unrecognized property screenpixelsperinch for class Root.
> In hgrc (line 165)
In (line 15)
I tried things like
matlab -softwareopengl
export GTK_PATH=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/gtk-2.0
but did not work for my problem and there is one more thing but I think it's not caused this graphic problem. When I start Matlab
Failed to load module "pk-gtk-module"
I get this error too in the terminal.
Ismail Alperen Akar
Ismail Alperen Akar on 8 Mar 2021
I updated drivers and error still exist. I don't know how to figure it out. Thanks for your help.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 8 Mar 2021
I recommend contacting Mathwork Support for free installation assistance.

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Answers (1)

Sai Veeramachaneni
Sai Veeramachaneni on 11 Mar 2021
Your issue might be related to this known bug. I suggest you to contact support for startup issues


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