What is the difference between Optimproblem and linprog

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Please help,
The below syntax creates a linear optimisation problem ?
What is the difference of this above syntax with the linprog command below?
x = linprog(f,A,b)

Accepted Answer

Sai Veeramachaneni
Sai Veeramachaneni on 1 Mar 2021
There are two ways to solve an optimization problem.
1) Problem-based
2) Solver-based
Problem-based approach involves creating an object for optimproblem. Solver-based approach uses linprog or intlinprog.
You can find the difference between problem-based and solver-based here.
Hope it helps.

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Alan Weiss
Alan Weiss on 28 Feb 2021
For examples and a description of the problem-based approach, see Linear Programming and Mixed-Integer Linear Programming.
Alan Weiss
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