readtable command for csv file

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Waqas Siddique
Waqas Siddique on 12 Feb 2021
Answered: Jeremy Hughes on 12 Feb 2021
I am having an issue while reading the csv file into MATLAB. The size of the csv file is greater than 100000KB. When I try to read it through the readtable command in MATLAB, it starts skipping some rows in the csv file and gives the following error
Error using readtable (line 223)
Reading failed at line 15473. All lines of a text file must have the same number of
delimiters. Line 15473 has 1 delimiters, while preceding lines have 515.
Note: readtable detected the following parameters:
'Delimiter', ',', 'ReadVariableNames', false, 'Format',

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 12 Feb 2021
Without seeing what lines 15473 looks like compared to, say, line 1, it's really hard to add to what the error message is already telling you. It would appear the format of your data changes.
You could try looking into some of the options in detectImportOptions. Perhaps "MissingRule","omitRow"? Or "ImportErrorRule","omitRow"?

Waqas Siddique
Waqas Siddique on 12 Feb 2021
Line 1 is a row with data enteries in each column. Line 15473 has become a blank row and the corresponding data enteries have moved to the next line which is 15474.

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Jeremy Hughes
Jeremy Hughes on 12 Feb 2021
Try this,
opts = detectImportOptions(filename)
T = readtable(filename,opts)
I think the import options based default reading behavior will work for you. (R2016b or later)
If you're in a MATLAB earlier than R2016b readtable won't be able to handle this file. You will need to read line by line, and parse each line separately.

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