how rounde no. if third digit after floating more than 5

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hi, I want raounded a number, so I read this link about that But in this case , it rounde any no. ,while I want rounde number meet a condition. for example:
0.2371 be 0.2400
0.4546 be 0.4600
but this number 0.2330 , must be not equal 0.2400, must be the same i.e I want round number if the third digit after floating point equal or more than 5
Thanks in advance
huda nawaf
huda nawaf on 10 Apr 2013
thanks, I supposed 0.4546 is equal 0.4550.
currently, I want it just for display.

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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 10 Apr 2013
sprintf('%.2f00', round(N * 100) / 100)
Though I admit to being puzzled as to why you want the misleading '00' at the end, why you want 0.2400 instead of 0.24

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Jan on 10 Apr 2013
If you want it just for displaying, what about:
sprintf('%.3f\n', [0.2371, 0.4546])
I'd definitly omit the trilaing zero, because it is not only confusing, but wrong.


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