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Reading microsoft excel spreadsheets not within the 'Current Folder' directory in Matlab working environment?

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I am familiar with the xlsread functions, however I understand the file must be within the current path/folder that matlab is working in. Is it possible to load spreadsheet data from a random location on the drive using the load command? I have come accross the uigetfile function which is useful since I have just started working with GUIs (GUIDE etc):
[filename1, pathname1, FilterIndex] = uigetfile;
When I load the data would it matter to us the path or filename?
Thanks for any advice, Al

Answers (1)

Srinivas on 4 Apr 2013
you can give your full path in xlsread some thing like this
data = xlsread('C:\Users\username\myfile.xlsx')
Jordan Andersen
Jordan Andersen on 20 Jan 2017
Edited: Jordan Andersen on 20 Jan 2017
Be sure there are no spaces in your file path as MATLAB recognises the space character as a break in a command. It's a good habit to always use an underscore instead of a space when naming data files from the start.
e.g. data = xlsread('C:\Users\username\my_file.xlsx') instead of ('C:\...\my file.xlsx')
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 20 Jan 2017
Edited: Walter Roberson on 20 Jan 2017
Spaces within quoted strings do not terminate commands (except indirectly; you have to be careful if you use dos() or system() or unix() )
Historically, though, some Simulink related toolboxes had problems with directories that had spaces or special characters in the name.

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