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Simulink Entity Splitting Problem

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Tugce Koksal
Tugce Koksal on 4 Dec 2020
Answered: Chaitanya Mallela on 21 Dec 2020
In simulink,I am trying to simulate assembly line.In a process some of the parts will be demage.In this case,I am trying to divide entity with probability such as 0.90 percent of part will keep in process,the other parts(%10) will be in the trash.When I simulate this assembly line in ARENA Rockwell Simulation Programme ,I use DECIDE module to divide entities.I am searcing the similiar module or method in Simulink.
Thanks for your helps.

Answers (1)

Chaitanya Mallela
Chaitanya Mallela on 21 Dec 2020
You can use entity output switch to divide entites based on probability values
  • Set a probabity vector and assign the port numbers to the entities based on their probabilities.
  • Connect the Entity Output Switch from Simulink SimEvents library and set the parameters,
  • Switching criterion to 'From Attribute'
  • Switch Attribute name to entity type name to which port numbers are assigned and number of output ports.


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