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Amed on 8 Feb 2013
Hello, as of right now i'm trying to read in accelerometer data to my MatLab gui thru a pushbutton.. So far here is my code
function pushbutton6_Callback(hObject, eventdata, handles)
%mapping between analog inputs and X,Y,Z axes.
% Xch = 1;
% Ych = 3;
% Zch = 2;
%read voltages from accelerometer and reorder
reordered(1)= fscanf(out.s,'%u');
reordered(2)= fscanf(out.s,'%u');
reordered(3)= fscanf(out.s,'%u');
%determine what offset and gain values to use
offset = calCo.offset;
gain = calCo.g;
accel = (reordered - offset) ./ gain;
%map analog inputs to axes
handles.gx = accel(1); = accel(2);
handles.gz = accel(3);
guidata(hObject, handles)
This code was partially written for me. I'm trying to understand it since i've only been using matlab for 3 weeks. Can anybody help me what i'm doing wrong? I have a button for calibrating and a button for reading in the serial, but as of right now i'm trying to read actual data and later graph.
FIrst problem fixed... scroll down below for the new problem I cannot seem to fix.. THANKS
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 8 Feb 2013
Note: the lines
guidata(hObject, handles);
handles.gx= 0; 0;
should have the assignments before the guidata() call.

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