Precision problem while solving Cody Problems

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While solving Cody problems, I have often encountered that my answer is not accepted because of the precision doesn't match the required answer. Matlab always rounds the double format to 4 digits after decimal. My logic seems correct on paper, but fails while applied as a code due to the precision problem.
Here's an example
Can somebody help me how to change this or how I can output more than 4 digits?
I know I can use vpa, but cody doesn't accept vpa and also it is symbolic.
Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 19 Oct 2020
"...why does it output answer upto 4 digits only?"
I guess this was my misunderstanding of the format and precision used by MATLAB and partially a mistake as I forgot about format long.
"Note that the square brackets are totally superflous: square brackets are a concatentation operator (not a "list" operator, which MATLAB does not have) and should be removed completely"
I was not aware of this. Thanks for the info.

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Accepted Answer

goc3 on 10 Nov 2020
There are quite a few problems that have been posted to Cody that erroneously use isequal() to test answers, rather than using a tolerance. Each faulty problem needs to have its test suite fixed/updated to properly test against your function output. We have made an effort to fix many of these faulty problems. If you find a Cody problem that still exhibits this discrepancy in required precision, post a comment on that problem to alert us.

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