How to animate two functions at the same time?

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I want the two points to run at the same time. But the point of the circle goes first in the animation, and then the point of the line goes after it is done. How can i make them start and finish at the same time?
f = @(t) plot(r*cos(t), r*sin(t), "ro", "MarkerFaceColor", "r", "MarkerSize", 16)
fanimator(f,"AnimationRange", [0 6*pi])
hold on
g = @(t) plot(r*cos(t)+sqrt(l^2-r^2*sin(t)*.2),0, "ro", "MarkerFaceColor", "r", "MarkerSize", 16)
fanimator(g,"AnimationRange", [15 25])
hold off
syms t
x = r*cos(t);
y = r*sin(t);
x1 = t;
y1 = t-t;
hold on
fplot(x, y, [0,2*pi])
hold off
hold on
fplot(x1, y1, [15, 25])
title("Linea Recta")
hold off
Pablo González de la Parra
Thank you very much! That solved my problem. I really appreciate it!

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Accepted Answer

Puru Kathuria
Puru Kathuria on 23 Oct 2020
Please refer this example, it has a detailed demonstration on a similar animation that you require and also refer this function which helps animation of objects.

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