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NR Intercell Interference Modeling

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I am trying to run NR Intercell Interference Modeling codes under system-level simulation codes of 5G toolbox. Any help would be appreciated.
Application traffic configuration.
% Set the periodic DL application traffic model for UEs. The following
% configuration applies for each cell
simParameters.DLPacketPeriodicityUEs = 10; % Periodicity (in ms) at which the DL packets are generated for UEs at gNB
simParameters.DLPacketSizesUEs = 2e4; % Size of the DL packets generated (in bytes) for UEs at gNB
% Validate the simulation configuration
Got following error
Unrecognized function or variable 'hNRIntercellInterferenceValidateConfig'.
Error in system_level (line 58)

Accepted Answer

Chaitanya Mallela
Chaitanya Mallela on 21 Dec 2020
It seems like the code is being executed without including the helper function file
Try executing the code in the directory of the current example that includes all the helper functions. If 5G Toolbox is installed in your MATLAB, try opening the example using the command
Xuanhong Yan
Xuanhong Yan on 25 Dec 2020
hello, when i read the example
NR Intercell Interference Modeling
, I cannot find the process of interference?can you tell me which function can calculate the interfence.

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