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How to show link to block in custom error Diagnostic Viewer

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I would like to include a link in the message displayed in the Diagnostic viewer such that the user can click on it and redirected to the block that has the issue.
My code
message = sprintf('The input signal %s does not coincide with the module %s\n',inNames{i},bObj.Name);
my_stage = sldiagviewer.createStage('Signal mismatch','ModelName','vdp');
sldiagviewer.reportError(message); % How to inlcude link to block bObj.Name?

Accepted Answer

Chaitanya Mallela
Chaitanya Mallela on 20 Aug 2020
Edited: Chaitanya Mallela on 20 Aug 2020
The command to display the link to the current block in the Diagnostic Viewer is as shown
sldiagviewer.reportError(sprintf('<a href = "matlab:hilite_system(''%s'')">Block Name</a>\n',gcb));
This command displays the message link Block Name in the Diagnostic Viewer which redirects to the current block in the model. To link to any block in the model replace gcb with block path name and display name can also be customized.
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Tobias Huth
Tobias Huth on 22 Nov 2022
thank you for providing the solution using sprintf!
I used disp, on a referenced subsystem's block and this does not work.

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