How do I fill a matrix with values of an one array based on another array?

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I have a 1x5001 array Rr which contains radial distances from a pointsource. I also have an 5001x 1 array Wzr which is the weight vs. radial distance. Also there is a constant dr.
Now I need to make a 2D matrix (5000 x 5000) which is Wzr2D(a,b) = Wzr (Rr(a,b)/dr)
For example if Rr(1,2) = 10 and dr = 2 then I need the value of Wzr(5) to be placed in the matrix Wzr2D at the position (1,2).
I am a super beginner at MATLAB and I don't ever know where to begin to link all this together.
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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 1 Jul 2020
To begin, learn about indexing.
It shouldn't take much time to work through that page. Indexing is necessary to know if you're using Matlab and it's a very basic tool.

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TADA on 1 Jul 2020
Edited: TADA on 1 Jul 2020

If I understood correctly, try this:

Wzr2D(1,:) = Wzr(Rr(1:5000) / dr)

This should work if you can guarantee that all values of Rr/dr are valid indices of Wzr, that is, integers between 1 and 5001

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TADA on 1 Jul 2020
I'm not sure why you want to dispose the last element of your data though, nor what's the extra dimention of Wzr2D for

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