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1-D vector (either nx1 or 1xn) giving matrix output of nxn in Simulink

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I used a costant block in simulink to to pass data in the form of a nx1 matrix and even tried 1xn matrix but my yout values is a ginourmous matrix :O(
I specified my parameter name and made sure that 'Interpret Vector Parameters as 1-D' is checked and my signal attributes are set to 'Inherited from Constant Vale'
Despite that Simulink is giving a matrix output equal to nxn :O(
All I have are a constant block, an output port and a scope attached to the constant block.
Please Please Please help

Answers (1)

Chaitanya Mallela
Chaitanya Mallela on 21 Oct 2020
yout logs the data from the constant block at every simulation time step. If one dimensional vector is given in the block, the resultant size of yout would be two dimensional with number of rows equal to simulation time instants and number of columns equal to the size of the vector.


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