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Markers enabled to highlight data

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Andrea Wrona
Andrea Wrona on 18 Jun 2020
Commented: Bowen on 9 Jun 2023
Good afternoon,
I get a weird error in Simulink when trying to plot a constant inside a scope: it shows me only a circle at time=0, and not the straight horizontal line. Can anybody please tell me how to avoid this situation? I have already tried to change the plot style by changing the marker "o" into "none", but I did not succeed.
Wenjie Zhang
Wenjie Zhang on 7 Aug 2020
hi body,you can see this,it will help you
Bowen on 9 Jun 2023
Thank you. The is the important website where I solve the same problem puzzling me for a long time. To be honest, I do not like such a design of MATALB2023.

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Answers (2)

思邈 周
思邈 周 on 10 Dec 2020
The correct answer from the @Fangjun Jiang:
“Can someone from the Mathworks give an explaination of this change on the Scope block? I've answered questions similar to this twice before. I think the "smartness" of the Scope block actually confused user.
In this extream simple example, in the Scope window, go to menu View, Style, you will see the "Marker" is set as "o". That is why. Usually, it is set as "none". But in this case, even if you set it as "none" and click "Apply", when you run simulation again, it will automatically go back to "o" and still show the same plot with just one dot.
It is the correct display, considering that the Scope is connected to the Constant block. But that is probabbly another lengthy discussion. If you want to show the "tradictional" view, you can change the sample time of the Constant block from "inf" to "-1", then you will see a horizontal line. You can further play with the setting on "Marker".
I think whatever the default behavior of the Scope with values of "inf" sample time is confusing users.”

Chaitanya Mallela
Chaitanya Mallela on 20 Aug 2020
Refer Constant Sample Time section in the documentation

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