Error with Screen Function

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Brett on 9 Nov 2012
My code:
"HideCursor; screenNum=2; [window, rect] = Screen('OpenWindow', screenNum, 1); [X,Y] = RectCenter(rect); FixCross = [X-3,Y-40,X+3,Y+40;X-40,Y-3,X+40,Y+3]; disc1 = [X-80,Y-80,X+80,Y+80]+250; disc2 = [X-80,Y-80,X+80,Y+80]-250; disc3 = [X-80,Y-80,X-80,Y+80]-100; Screen('FillRect',window,[200,200,200], FixCross'); Screen('FillOval',window,[200,200,200], disc1'); Screen('FillOval',window,[200,200,200], disc2'); Screen('FillOval',window,[200,200,200], disc3'); Screen('Flip',window);"
I'm not sure but for whatever reason disc1 and disc2 will appear, but disc3 will not. It either just doesn't appear or sometimes I'll get an error message regarding the [window, rect] line.
Any ideas as to what is wrong?
Thanks, Brett
Jan on 10 Nov 2012
Sometimes? We cannot guess the difference, but you can check it. If you mention, that you get an error, post the complete error message here. It is simply a good idea to make answering as easy as possible.

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