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Sudarshan on 8 Nov 2012
I am new to MATLAB and I am using Optimization tool in MATLAB for a research project. when i try to optimize the following function
function y = test2()
y(1)= (a(1));
i get an error message saying too many input arguments. I have used f=funVAMPzero(x) to get variable from another m-file whose values i have to optimze.
Inputs on the issue would be very helpful. Thanks in advance!!

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Kye Taylor
Kye Taylor on 8 Nov 2012
Edited: Kye Taylor on 8 Nov 2012
The error is occuring because the optim tool is trying to call test2() with a vector input, but you do not declare a vector input in the function's declaration. The interface to the objective function should look like
function y = test2(x)
where x is a vector of your design variables.
Futhermore, the output of the objective function depends on your problem. What solver are you using? (It's an option specified in the optimtool GUI.) Can you describe your goal (objective function and constraints)in a bit more detail?
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Sudarshan on 9 Nov 2012
Hello Kyle,
Thanks for helping me out. I have another m-file that generates 8 variables for aircraft design and i have to optimize only 4 of them, I am having trouble in importing the 4 variables alone from the other mfile to this one. these 4 variables are my objectives to optimize.I am using the gamultiobj tool.

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