how to load a function in AppDesigner?

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I am a beginner to appdesigner and i am trying to design my matlab code to load some data which is
load([PTH '/Data.mat']);
the warning I am receiving is "To avoid conflicts with functions on the path, specify variables to load from file." How can I remove thes warning.

Accepted Answer

TADA on 18 May 2020
Seems to me that the warning is warning you against loading data into the workspace without controlling the variable names. Try to use an output variable so that the data is returned as a struct into that variable instead:
data = load([PTH '/Data.mat']);
% and while your at it, also use fullfile
% instead of concating, to make your code
% work on other platforms as well
data = load(fullfile(PTH, 'Data.mat'));
Medical Imaging
Medical Imaging on 28 Jul 2020
Thank you. it is sbout the initialization of sFOLDERS separately.
I understand it and will post as new question if thread question relevance.
I appreciate.

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