How do I generate several datasets of random noise on MATLAB?

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I want to generate a couple of datasets of random noise only, then ultimately increase the number of datasets to over 1000, so as to find a maximum value. Do I run some sort of loop? Here is my code so far, for one set:
% set length
l = [1:1440];
% generate single set of noise
N = randn(1,1440);
% plot noise over length

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Kye Taylor
Kye Taylor on 30 Oct 2012
Edited: Kye Taylor on 30 Oct 2012
The command
N = randn(1440,1000);
will generate 1000 datasets comprising 1440 Gaussian random numbers and store them as columns of the matrix N.
will result in a huge mess on the current axes :).
Then, try
to get the maximum value for each of the 1000 datasets, or try
to get the maximum of all 1440000 random numbers.


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