How to save the output of a function in an array or cell?

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I have a function which is called from within a script. The function is in a between a for loop. So basically everytime the Function runs for one file then comes back to script and runs it again for another file. I get the output of function as
d = [23 78]
then for next file it would give me
d = [503 20]
There could also be
d = [234 439
783 48]
The columns are always 2 but the rows could be more than one. How can I have an array as:
final = [23 78
503 20
234 439
783 48]
Is there a way to populate an array with the function output? Thanks for your help is advance.

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Kye Taylor
Kye Taylor on 19 Oct 2012
I'm going to assume that the function which returns a matrix with r rows and 2 columns is named
Then use something like
nNewRows = 100;
maxRowsExpectedInOutput = 10; % guess the largest number of rows returned
d = zeros(nNewRows,2); % preallocate enough space for 100 rows initially
idx = 1; % the index where there is no data in d
for i = 1:numIt
tempOut = returnTwo(); % tempOut is r-by-2 matrix
d(idx:idx+size(tempOut,1) - 1,:) = tempOut;
idx = idx + size(tempOut,1); % increment idx appropriately
% check if d needs more rows added
if size(d,1)-idx <= maxRowsExpectedInOutput
d = [d;zeros(100,2)]; % add another 100 rows to d

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