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Should "format compact" stick between sessions?

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Chuck37 on 17 Feb 2020
Commented: Chuck37 on 17 Feb 2020
I didn't used to have to type "format compact" every single startup. After upgrading to 2019a, it doesn't stick. The same startup file is in use, and doesn't contain that anyway. Is it supposed to stick, and what might have changed to cause this?


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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 17 Feb 2020
Change the "Text display" entries in the Command Window preferences to make the changes persistent across sessions.

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Chuck37 on 17 Feb 2020
When I look there, it shows "compact", presumable because I changed it in the command window, so it's not clear how it would be different? But having said that, after fussing with the preferences, it appears to have stuck. Thanks.

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