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License issue on cluster

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Shep Bryan
Shep Bryan on 14 Jan 2020
Commented: Walter Roberson on 30 Jan 2020
I have a university head count license at a university. I am trying to submit a job on a HPC at my university. Whenever I submit I get this error:
License checkout failed.
License Manager Error -9
The hostid of your computer ("1c1b0dff5b8b 1c1b0dff5b8a") does not match the hostid of the license
file (80000002fe80).
To run on this computer, you must run the Activation client to reactivate your license.
Troubleshoot this issue by visiting:
Diagnostic Information:
Feature: MATLAB
License path: /home/jsbryan4/.matlab/R2019b_licenses:/packages/7x/matlab/2019b/licenses/license.dat:/packages/7x/m
Licensing error: -9,57.
After following the link I think that I have a license issue because the cluster hostid is not the one on my license. I do not think that I can run a license manager on the cluser. How do I solve this issue so that I can run on the cluster?

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Samatha Aleti
Samatha Aleti on 30 Jan 2020
Contact your sales representative to get detailed understanding about your license terms. If you don't know who your sales representative is, MathWorks support can help you find your sales representative:


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