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How to change the font size of the editor bar where open file's names are listed?

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is it possible to edit the font size of the bar where file names are listed in the matlab editor?
I would like to reduce the size of the font so that I could make the bar width smaller and use more space for the editor's main window itself...

Answers (2)

Julien on 5 Oct 2012
Are you talking about the files listed inside your current folder?
Select the tab File -> Preferences.
Then go to Fonts and select Custom. Then Select Current Folder under Desktop Tools, Custom under Font to use, and finally set your font size ;)
Remember,when you ask something about Matlab, you don't say " Is it possible " but rather " How do we do " :=)

Nathan Kando
Nathan Kando on 5 Sep 2020
Old question, but still relevant:
Seeking how to change the size of the font of the .m file tabs in the Editor window, (not the Current Folder / Working Directory).


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