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Run MATLAB script and pass variables in Linux terminal

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Chaabane on 2 Dec 2019
Commented: Chaabane on 17 Feb 2020
I'm trying to run a script file "test.m" from Linux terminal that does the following :
AllFiles = dir(FilePath)
I want to declare FilePath in matlab workspace before calling the script.
I'm using the following line of code but Matlab reporting error : undefined FilePath!
matlab -nodisplay -nosplash -nodesktop -r "FilePath='data';test; exit;"
I also tried using function to pass variable as argument but my paths have spaces and I can't change that, this results for some confusing between linux and matlab path rules !
My function is
function testfcn(FilePath)
AllFiles = dir(FilePath)
matlab -nodisplay -nosplash -nodesktop -r "testfcn('slprj/New Folder/');exit;"
When I have no space in my path things works but not when path contain space. I tried adding \ before the space caractere, enclose the whole path by ".
Any idea on how to overcome this issue ?


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Accepted Answer

Bhargavi Maganuru
Bhargavi Maganuru on 17 Feb 2020
You can make use of -r option in the matlab command
For example if your function is
function test(FilePath)
AllFiles = dir(FilePath);
You can call the function using following command
matlab -nodisplay -nosplash -nodesktop -r "test(data)" % where data is the name of the folder
This command also works when there is space in the name of the folder.

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Chaabane on 17 Feb 2020
Thank you, indeed I already implemented it. somehow I miss wrote the command.

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