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deleted old version of Matlab (R2017b) keeps getting back

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Robert on 21 Nov 2019
Commented: Robert on 21 Nov 2019
Hello, I recently installed Matlab R2019a on my Mac (macOS Mojave Version 10.14). I then deleted the previous version I used (R2017b) by moving to the Trash and then emptying the Trash. However, a few hours later, R2017b was back in my Applications folder. Since then I have repeated this several times, also after first deactivating R2017b, but every time R2017b gets back in my Applications folder, occupying 15 GB on my harddisk. How can I remove R2017b permanently? Thank you.
Robert on 21 Nov 2019
Well spotted, of course I moved to the Trash.

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Accepted Answer

Jan on 21 Nov 2019
Edited: Jan on 21 Nov 2019
According to deleteing the .app folder is sufficient. Does the contents vanish if you empty the trash? What exactly happens in "a few hours later"?
Robert on 21 Nov 2019
Thanks Jan, this is useful information that brought me to the solution. The point is that my university has an app that allows one to install, update and remove software. I have this app on my mac. Although I have never used it to install Matlab, it got control over the installed versions of Matlab. After removing R2017b from within this app, it looks like it has been removed permanently.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 21 Nov 2019
Do you have some automated process that restores the Applications folder from a backup like Time Machine? If you're in a corporate environment, check if your IT department has automatically enabled that for some reason.
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Robert on 21 Nov 2019
It also happens when I am disconnected from my Time Machine, and also at home, when I'm not connected to my employer's network.

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