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Does Matlab support the DJI Tello in the same way it supports the Parrot Mambo?

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Kaden Penner
Kaden Penner on 2 Nov 2019
Commented: Gokul on 4 Dec 2020
Now that the Parrot Mambo is discontinued, is Matlab supporting the DJI Tello?
Gokul on 4 Dec 2020
I have the same question as Kaden, I really hope there is a low-level interface to it. Would anyone be able to confirm?

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Accepted Answer

Srijith Vijay
Srijith Vijay on 4 Nov 2019
Hi Kaden,
We are currently working on supporting the Tello drone in MATLAB and this will be available in an upcoming release.
Hope this helps!
Srijith Vijay
Srijith Vijay on 7 Jan 2020
I might not be the right person to help you with that. I would suggest you to evaluate the drone capabilities with your project requirements and then make an informed decision.
Tello pilots can be a good forum to get suggestions from people who might have worked on a similar use case with the Tello drone:

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