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code to read the data in matfile

Asked by arunnagiri murrugesan on 15 Oct 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Walter Roberson
on 15 Oct 2019
let us take dat is matfile = 1684 *1 . i want to read first 100 values of the 1684 points . what is the function or code to use ?


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Answer by Nicolas B.
on 15 Oct 2019
 Accepted Answer

Read the matfile documentation. It contains what you want.

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Note that matfile can read from -v7 files but needs -v7.3 to write. Also, you should not expect any efficiency gains for -v7 file compared to just reading the whole variable and extracting a part of it. For such a small amount of data I would suspect that matfile for a -v7.3 file would be slower than reading the whole variable and extracting from it.

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