Matlab Compiler 2012b and Visual Studio 2012

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When is expected that the Matlab Compiler will work with Visual Studio 2012?

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Ken Atwell
Ken Atwell on 18 Sep 2012
The intention is to start supporting Visual Studio 2012 with the R2013a release of MATLAB (Microsoft's release was too late in MATLAB's release cycle to include support in R2012b). We could patch support into 12b is there is enough demand for it.
Vote up this answer if you would use Visual Studio 2012 with MATLAB R2012b if MathWorks were to provide a patch to make it work.
Rhys on 6 Feb 2013
Overcoming a hatred of interacting via these QA mechanisms I am driven to by our current situation. We have recently purchased Builder NE after a trial with the intention of using dotNet wrapped matlab functions called from C#. Unfortunately while we use VS2012 Pro to develop a C# UI front end we are limited to VS2010 Pro for Builder NE requiring that we temporarily purchase one copy (at approx £700) of this in addition to the VS2012 ones. Unless a patch is available now it would probably come too late for us to wait for it. If you had started creating one on the 18th Sept 2012 then it would have saved us cash as well being welcomed by others who may not be counted in your straw poll.

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Jorge on 20 Dec 2012
It would be great if you could manage to issue a patch =)

Dimitris Vayenas
Dimitris Vayenas on 6 Mar 2013
Ken thank you for posting.
I am currently testing the pre-release version of 2013b with Visual Studio 2012 but, regretfully, it appears that there is no support to it. Can you please update us on the progress? Is there a possibility for one to join your team of alpha\beta testers?
Kind regards.

Ken on 19 Mar 2013
FYI: the full 2013a release now supports Visual Studio 2012... but I haven't tested it yet.
Thanks... Ken

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