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Update app designer Text Area 'now' to mimic console output

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Connor Fuhrman
Connor Fuhrman on 5 Apr 2019
Commented: Jesse Lackey on 15 Jan 2021
I have seen several people attempting to replicate the console output on their GUI using appdesigner. I have created a text area called SimulationConsoleOutputTextArea (for compactness let's call it CON) that I wish to use as my 'console'. Currently I have been succesful accessing the CON.Value (given as a cell array) and appending using CON.Value{end + 1} = 'What I want to say'.
This works well for appending one single line but I have not found a way to append in a loop. I am looking for something similar to a drawnow function for plotting within a loop. I want to force OUT.Value to be updated and reflected in the TextArea before continuing execution of the next command. Is there a command/method to accomplish this?? I am also open to other suggestions on emulating the command window within an appdesigner GUI.
Azad Jalali
Azad Jalali on 29 Apr 2020
I'm starting to give up on the MATLAB App Designer when Mathworks can't serve basic needs like this. It's cute for small projects, but anything even moderately complex is a pain, especially if you're trying to make it standalone.

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Azad Jalali
Azad Jalali on 30 Apr 2020
Hi Connor,
I got lucky and stumbled on the drawnow command, which seems to force the GUI to update any values. See the code snippet below
app.TestOutputTextArea.Value = [app.TestOutputTextArea.Value; msg];
drawnow; % Force text area to update
% Continue doing things here




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