how to convert matlab code to c with nonsuported functions for code generation

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i am working on a recognition project on matlab.
i have finished it and trying to connect it to android studio so :
1-i tried to convert it to c language using matlab coder but there are some method that are not convertible.
2- i also tried to use simulnik and also failed too(maybe i am using it wrong this is my first time using it)
these methods are:
how can i integrate it with android?knowing that i am not being able to write the nonconvertible methods from scratch
thank you
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 24 Mar 2019
  1. graythresh calls otsuthresh to do the work, and otsuthresh can be deployed.
  2. replace cellfun with a loop.
  3. dct2 just calls dct twice. If you have the Signal Processing Toolbox, then dct can be deployed.
  4. replace arrayfun with a loop
  5. simple uses of blockproc are not difficult to replace with nested loops
  6. array2table could be a problem. It looks like table objects do not support code generation at this time. Consider replacing them with numeric arrays or cell arrays or nonscalar struct.

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David Fink
David Fink on 25 Mar 2019
Please see Walter's comment, with one difference:
As of R2019a, arrayfun is supported for code generation, with limitations:
We've made an internal note of the other functions mentioned so we can look at supporting those for code generation in the future.


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