How to neatly take user input as function input

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I have a function in which I would like the user to input an argument. Currently I have:
%take user input and set to var 'spike_threshold'
spike_threshold = inputdlg('Choose a firing threshold in Vm (default, 20)');
spike_threshold = str2num(spike_threshold{1,1});
if isempty(spike_threshold);
spike_threshold = 10;
%use 'spike_threshold' as an input argument to a function
[spike_counts, Cell_info.spikeinfo] = spike_extractor(Vm, time, current_injections_norm_vector, spike_threshold);
This works fine but takes up a lot of space, I have a few functions where I would like the user to input 2-3 arguments. Is there a way to have this process embdeded within the function? I tried this but it required the input variable to be defined in the script the function was called from. This would be better, but still a little messier than I'd like - is it possible to have this process entirely self-contained within the function? Cheers.
Joe_Z on 2 Mar 2019
Hi Bob,
Thanks for your response; that's great just tried this and it worked. Before I tried to call inputdlg to set the value of an input within the function script itself, on the second line. But obviously in doing that, I had to have the varaible already defined in the main script to input into the function in the first place. Anyways sorted now, cheers!

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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 28 Feb 2019
Edited: Walter Roberson on 2 Mar 2019
function varargout = ask_and_run(f, input_prompts, defaults)
input_values_cell = questdlg(input_prompt, defaults);
input_values_num = cellfun(@str2double, input_values_cell, 'uniform', 0);
varargout{1:nargout} = f(input_values_num{:});
such as
[spike_counts, Cell_info.spikeinfo] = ask_and_run(@(time, st) spike_extractor(VM, time, current_injections_norm_vector, st), {'Choose a time', 'Choose a firing threshold in Vm'}, {'1', '10'});
Joe_Z on 18 Mar 2019
Hi Walter, apologies for the delay in response. Thanks so much for this thats really useful!

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