how to associate MATLAB files in Linux

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Rajasekaran on 25 Jul 2012
Commented: Jon Wittmer on 26 Nov 2018
I am using MATLAB R2011b in Ubuntu 12.04. By default MATLAB files are not associated with it. When I click the files, it was opened in the text editors. Each time i have to open the MATLAB and then i need to use file->open to view any files. How to associate the m and mdl files to MATLAB.?
Thanks in advance.
Rajasekaran V.

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Mark on 28 Oct 2017
Edited: Mark on 28 Oct 2017
For Ubuntu 16.04 this is different so.
What worked for me is appending %F to the end of Exec=some/path which is in my matlab.desktop file.
Locate the matlab.desktop file its either in
I found the solution here Also if you don't have a matlab.desktop file then you may want to create one link to some relevant help to create launcher icon
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Jon Wittmer
Jon Wittmer on 26 Nov 2018
This answer is mostly correct, however, it should be noted that the second directory should be
and not
as the "~" in front makes the path relative to the users home directory.
This is equivalent to:
The first directory is correct.

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