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Code of plotting from SCOPE three axis to sublots

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I have saved data at workspace of scope for three axes. I saved to structure with time. How to plot it to three sublots. Please write code.

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Albert Yam
Albert Yam on 18 Jul 2012

Ryan on 18 Jul 2012
This is not writing all the code for you, but this should hopefully help. Your error seems to be in how to access the information in the structured variable. I am assuming you've saved data to the workspace from a Simulink scope as a structured variable. The first thing you'll want to do is double click on the structured variable in the workspace to open it up in the variable editor and view the path names of interest (if you don't know them already). Just keep clicking through the structures in the variable editor until you get a list of your time points, or output points. Then just reference those paths in a plot command.
Structured elements use a . to denote moving down a structure level so for exmaple:
figure(1),subplot(3,1,1) %In figure 1 access the 1st slot of a 3 x 1 plot space
As shown in the link Albert provided, there are ways to build more advanced subplots than I have shown, but it's a start.

Paul Costa
Paul Costa on 19 Jul 2012
You should consider using the simplot function.


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