Standard deviation of a 3-d matrix

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hi I have a matrix with size(y)=(200*1*4). I want to calculate the std for each (200*1) vector separately. When I used "std(y(y>0)), it gave me an value but I want in fact 4 values for each 200*1 vector size. How can I write the code to give me the std for each inner vector without "for",and ....
Thanks for your help

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Kye Taylor
Kye Taylor on 13 Jul 2012
If y is 200-by-1-by-4, you can get rid of the singleton dimension using
y2D = squeeze(y);
then compute the 4 different standard deviations using
the4Sigmas = std(y2D);
Andrea on 13 Jul 2012
Thanks a lot. I've already done that. but a little late. It works perfectly.

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