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ERROR : Missing domain attribute 'min'

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Emiliano Rosso
Emiliano Rosso on 28 Nov 2018
Answered: Steven Lord on 25 Oct 2019
when I use :
but if I want to find the minimum of a vector :
symmin=@(x)feval(symengine,'min',x); % or
error using mupadengine/feval (line 187)
Missing domain attribute 'min'.
Can you explain me why ?

Answers (2)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 25 Oct 2019
symmin = @(x) feval(symengine, 'min',feval(symengine,'op',x))

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 25 Oct 2019
Why are you trying to use feval on the symengine object to take the minimum of your symbolic input? Why not just call min directly on the symbolic object(s)?
two = sym(2);
three = sym(3);
z = min(two, three)
y = [two three two two three];
z2 = min(y)

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