Setting seed in random ('normal')

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Rabeya on 8 Jul 2012
I am using random('Normal',2,5,T,1) to generate vector of random numbers from normal distribution with mean 2, variance 5. I want to set the seed so that I can get same set of random numbers each time I run the m file. I am using matlab 7.10.0 (R2010a). I have tried with rand('seed',0) command before random('Normal',2,5,T,1) but it does not serve my purpose. Can anyone help me please?

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 8 Jul 2012
Edited: the cyclist on 8 Jul 2012
In that version of MATLAB, I am pretty sure that there are separate streams for rand() and randn(). I think random('Normal',...) effectively uses randn() in its guts. So, I believe you will get what you want if you just use
>> randn('seed',0)

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Luffy on 8 Jul 2012
Edited: Walter Roberson on 8 Jul 2012
I do not know about seed you r talking about,but if you want to get same sat of random numbers every time do this,
Every time you use random('Normal',2,5,T,1),make sure to put rng('default') before it & u end up with same set f random data every time
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 8 Jul 2012
Sorry, Luffy, there is no known list of which functions are defined in which version. If, though, your profile here is attached to a MATLAB license, then when you look at a documentation page, you can ask to search other releases, and hunt around until you find the version that introduces (or drops) the function.

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