How to overwrite some workspace variables in a dynamic program?

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I have a dynamic program that creates objects in the workspace (datasets, matrices) with the same name each loop but the objects themselves change size each time. Each loop I save them to a data structure and don't want to clear out the workspace. What is the best practice for "overwriting"? Ideas I have are: 1) create a new initialized matrix each time with zeros to wipe out the old matrix or 2) remove the matrix with MLDeleteMatrix(var_name) but this doesn't seem to work with my version (R2011b).

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Kye Taylor
Kye Taylor on 3 Jul 2012
Both ideas are good. If 2. doesn't work, try
clear var_name

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Ken Atwell
Ken Atwell on 3 Jul 2012
You can just reassign the variable with new content, MATLAB try to merge the new content with the old, nor will it leak memory.
>> A=ones(100);
>> size(A)
ans =
100 100
>> A=ones(25);
>> size(A)
ans =
25 25

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