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hello guys I need help in this exercise

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Chroma Prime
Chroma Prime on 26 Oct 2018
Commented: Chroma Prime on 26 Oct 2018
Perform a program that shows the next serie 1! / 2! , 2! / 3! , 3! / 4! , 4! / 5! , .....
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 26 Oct 2018
Well I don't even know what "serie" (not an English word) or "....." means. Why not simply do
function result = MyFunction()
result = factorial(5)/factorial(6);
I doubt that is what is intended but it does return the next term in the limited number of terms in the series you gave.
Chroma Prime
Chroma Prime on 26 Oct 2018
when saying series I wanted to say a succession pattern

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