speech to text and text to speech conversion (STS)

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I am working on conversion of Speech to TExt and then Text to Speech.. I want guidance in it on how to proceed through it in matlab ..
Oguzhan Zafer Kutlu
Oguzhan Zafer Kutlu on 1 Jan 2021
Can you please send the code for speech to text, i hope you help me please
e mail: oguzhan.kutlu25@erzurum.edu.tr

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Shaun VanWeelden
Shaun VanWeelden on 28 Dec 2012
First off, Google is amazing.
Secondly, have you had a look at this? It looks like something that could be useful to you. http://www.ee.ic.ac.uk/hp/staff/dmb/voicebox/voicebox.html

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Yash on 30 Jun 2012
for sppech to text you will have to define different words in the data base and for that also there are some microsoft utlities you have to install
Danilo Teran
Danilo Teran on 7 Nov 2016
Hi all, maybe could you guide me on how to convert microhone's audio to text on Matlba please?

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deepak on 29 Mar 2014
  • *how to get text from audio file ?* *
hi.. guys i'm doing a project in image processing.. for my application to start I required to take the text from a audio which is pre-recoded. I know there is a tts file which gives voice to text using Net.addAssembly
in similar way using Net.addAssembly. I required the code for speech to text (or) audio to text.. I required it immediately.. If anyone tried it please post to help me..
or if u know that, what are all the class I required from Net.AddAssembly to invoke to get the text from the audio. please let me know as soon as possible..
thanks in advance..

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 12 Jun 2016
Here is text to speech code for Windows operating system:
% Program to do text to speech.
% Get user's sentence
userPrompt = 'What do you want the computer to say?';
titleBar = 'Text to Speech';
defaultString = 'Hello World! MATLAB is an awesome program!';
caUserInput = inputdlg(userPrompt, titleBar, 1, {defaultString});
if isempty(caUserInput)
end; % Bail out if they clicked Cancel.
caUserInput = char(caUserInput); % Convert from cell to string.
obj = System.Speech.Synthesis.SpeechSynthesizer;
obj.Volume = 100;
Speak(obj, caUserInput);
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 12 Jul 2023
Did you try typing in the code I gave? If not, why not?
If you don't want to ask the user you could do
>> NET.addAssembly('System.Speech');
>> obj = System.Speech.Synthesis.SpeechSynthesizer;
>> obj.Volume = 100;
>> Speak(obj, 'Hello Abhijith');
From then on, you could just enter the Speak line -- no need to do the first 3 lines after they've been done once of course.

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REXY J on 12 Oct 2016
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 12 Oct 2016
Yes, it is fine to post a link to code you have written that does speech to text.

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Pooja A N
Pooja A N on 24 Nov 2016
Edited: Pooja A N on 24 Nov 2016
can anyone help me out in text to speech conversion in matlab

Sudeshna Roy
Sudeshna Roy on 13 Mar 2017
can anyone help me out in speech to text conversion?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 18 Mar 2017
Look at the voicebox link already provided or read the posts at the link I provided.

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Rohit K
Rohit K on 13 Feb 2018
Edited: Walter Roberson on 26 Apr 2018
%Speak the text;
tts('I can speak.');
% List availble voices;
tts('I can speak.','List');
% Do not speak out, store the speech in a variable;
w = tts('I can speak.',[],-4,44100); wavplay(w,44100);

jibrahim on 11 Feb 2020
Audio Toolbox supports calling into popular 3rd-party APIs for speech transcription and synthesis:

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