Adding up sizes of cell arrays

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Jonathan on 27 Jun 2012
Hi, I am wondering how to add up the sizes of cell arrays for each "class." The "classes" are part of a loop. I need to be able to index each sum into j.
for j = 1:NumberOfClasses
sizeOfCellArray{j} = size(CellArray{j})
sum(j) = sizeOfCellArray(j).*sizeOfCellArray(j+1)
I know that this is wrong, because sizeOfCellArray(j+1) gets an error (Index exceeds matrix dimensions), but am I on the right track?
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Jan on 27 Jun 2012
Do not shadow the built-in function SUM by using a variable of the same name.

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Tom on 27 Jun 2012
You've made sizeofCellArray a cell, but then treat it like a double:
for j = 1:NumberOfClasses
sizeOfCellArray(j,:) = size(CellArray{j})
sum(j,:) = sizeOfCellArray(j,:).*sizeOfCellArray(j+1,:)
I'm not sure how you're accessing j+1 though? I would also advise that you change the name of the 'sum' variable, in case you want to use the built-in sum function later

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Kye Taylor
Kye Taylor on 27 Jun 2012
I assume you have a 1-by-NumberOfClasses cell array called CellArray.
Furthermore, I assume that each element of CellArray contains an array.
The following command will return a 1-by-NumberOfClasses double array, where the jth element gives the number of elements composing the array stored in CellArray{j}.
sizes = cellfun(@numel, CellArray);
The total number of elements contained in the contents of CellArray is given by
(Make sure you clear your variable sum - in your question's original code - before issuing the above command)

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