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Overlaying images with different colormap

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Bojan on 27 Jun 2012
How can I overlay images with different colormaps together while preserving the colormap of individual images in the composite images? I am trying to overlay four images with different colormaps together. Very similar to imfuse but with four images rather than two and I want to specify the colormap for each image individually. I have tried holding the image and displaying the subsequent ones on while changing the AlphaData but the colormap changes every time I add a new image. Many thanks Bojan

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 27 Jun 2012
You cannot.
You can share a single colormap such as is described at, but that is not the same thing as preserving the colormap of the individual images.
Unless you need to do "colormap animation", I recommend that you use the File Exchange contribution

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