Matlab R2017b or R2018 compatible with Mojave (macOS 10.14)?

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Hi, Did someone already try to use Matlab R2017 or R2018 on the new macOS Mojave (from beta version)? Just to know if I can update safely to this OS when available soon. Thanks in advance, Pierre

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Accepted Answer

Fabio Bobrow
Fabio Bobrow on 24 Sep 2018
Hi Pierre,
I just installed Matlab R2018b in my MacBook Pro with macOS Mojave and apparently everything is working fine. I did not test much in depth, but both Matlab and Simulink basic functionalities are working without problems.
Is important to note that although it is working for me I have not read anywhere claiming that Matlab R2018b officially supports macOS Mojave.

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Jiannan Zhou
Jiannan Zhou on 25 Sep 2018
My R2018b freezes whenever I click anywhere in the editor, while keyboard inputs respond instantaneously. The freeze goes away in about 1 second but come back in next click. Don't know if it makes any difference, I'm on a freshly installed Mojave.

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Carlos Rondon
Carlos Rondon on 4 Oct 2018
I have the same problem with the editor. Every time I try to use it, the computer freezes. I am running Sierra on a macbook pro. Does anyone has an idea on what to do?
Prateek Patel
Prateek Patel on 15 Dec 2018
Have the same freeze issue. Although not using any windows management app. If I open a script and try to navigate inside it using keyboard at first then the editor starts functioning as normal. No permanent fix as of now.

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Bero Bressler
Bero Bressler on 15 Oct 2018
I have problems installing Matlab 2018b on MacBook Air Mojave
/Volumes/matlab_R2018b_maci64/ ; exit; MBAir:~ Besime$ /Volumes/matlab_R2018b_maci64/ ; exit; Installing ... Finished find: /var/folders/_m/fy3vqxds3t9b625lw3z5ry0c0000gn/T/installer_2364: No such file or directory find: /var/folders/_m/fy3vqxds3t9b625lw3z5ry0c0000gn/T/installer_2364/archives: No such file or directory find: /var/folders/_m/fy3vqxds3t9b625lw3z5ry0c0000gn/T/installer_2364/archives: No such file or directory logout Saving session... ...copying shared history... ...saving history...truncating history files... ...completed.
[Prozess beendet]

Diluka Moratuwage
Diluka Moratuwage on 16 Nov 2018
I have Mojave and Matlab R2018b, I also had this same issue, freezing when click on the editor. Jiannan Zhou's comment helped, I had used a software called cinch or something for window management. Removed it and it works now. Thanks Jiannan Zhou.

Jiannan Zhou
Jiannan Zhou on 8 Feb 2019
Matlab 2018b Update 2 fixed this issue. To update, Matlab -> Help -> Check for Updates.

Jerry Huang
Jerry Huang on 15 Apr 2019
@ Thanks Zhou.
many thanks for the recommendation. It works well now.


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