"SimulatedStock.mat" for Candlestick chart

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Sonima on 22 Jul 2018
Commented: Steven Lord on 8 Jan 2021
I want to try the example on Candlestick chart that is available here, However, I have no such file "SimulatedStock.mat" in my mat directory. I google to see if I can download this file, but not available. Anyone knows here how can I find/download this file.
Matlab R2016a,

Accepted Answer

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 22 Jul 2018
From reviewing the documentation page in release R2017b it appears that example, and the data file it uses, were both introduced in release R2018a. I believe that was when the candle function was enhanced to support table and timetable inputs. The example doesn't appear in the R2017b version of the candle documentation.
To run that example you will need to use the release R2018a (or later) versions of MATLAB and Financial Toolbox.
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 8 Jan 2021
It is part of Financial Toolbox. If you have release R2018a or later and Financial Toolbox you have access to it.

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