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Mark on 12 Jun 2012
I have good and fun code and it is working very well.
However, I am getting an error when I get zero (0) from my "random integer generator":
Is there any way I can tell the script to rerun the calculation for n, if n=zero? I am unable to change the variable n, and despite the low chance of getting two n=0 I want to "reroll" until n is definitely not equal to zero. Any idea how to do this?

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Kye Taylor
Kye Taylor on 12 Jun 2012
n = round(200*rand);
while (n == 0)
n = round(200*rand);
Or, even better,
n = randi(200); % generates random integer between 1 and 200
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Greg Heath
Greg Heath on 12 Jun 2012
n = 1+round(199*rand)

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