How do you place text in same position of 12 subplots?

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I am trying to place some text in the same position of 12 subplots (4x3). How can this be done? I have googled with no luck :(

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 8 Jun 2012
Suppose RelX and RelY are the relative position at which you want to plot the text, 0 to 1 each, starting from bottom left corner of the inside of the axis. Then, for any one plot,
DataX = interp1( [0 1], xlim(), RelX );
DataY = interp1( [0 1], ylim(), RelY );
text(DataX, DataY, 'Your String')

Sanjay Manohar
Sanjay Manohar on 22 Sep 2018
text( 0.5,0.5,'Hi','Units','Normalized' )

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 8 Jun 2012
What's wrong with the text() function?
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 8 Jun 2012
I was thinking that you would have the axes the same every time, like you had called xlim() and ylim().

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andrew joros
andrew joros on 8 Jun 2012
How do I make the position absolute?

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