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How to generate graph at the same time that data is obtained?

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How to generate graph at the same time that data is obtained?

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Matthew on 20 Dec 2017
One thing you can do is add new data to an already existing plot.
ah = gca;
for loopIX = 11:100
%New Data becomes available
newXValue = loopIX;
newYValue = rand;
%Add the new data to the plot
ah.Children.XData(end+1) = newXValue;
ah.Children.YData(end+1) = newYValue;
Note that you may get warnings about the data arrays being sized wrong between the Xdata update and the Ydata update.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 21 Dec 2017
alcides silva:
At each time that you have a new point available, call addpoints() on the animatedLine() object, and then call drawnow().
Depending on your needs, you might want to set the 'MaximumNumPoints' option when you create the animatedLine
alcides silva
alcides silva on 21 Dec 2017
What I was hoping to do, I got with drawnow update or drawnow expose. Great. Thank you so much.

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